Sunday, September 9, 2012

ECKM 2012 - KM research is still very much alive

Having just arrived from ECKM 2012, my first conference ever I fee inspired to see how lively the knowledge management community is.

I must also admit that I was surprised to see that so many new discoveries and additions to the fiels have been published. And all are very interested from the field of social knowledge management growing (thankfully as my PhD is based on it!) to Emotional Knowledge Management!

I must say that I came back to a (wonderfully sunny) London insipired about my research and thinking on how to incorporate and make use of the research published and incorporate it (or the results) into my research. So many paper to the mean time if you want to read my paper - head over to my website: and grab your copy...oh hey my thesis "Gnosis Kratos" is there and up for grabs too !!

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